The Vape Vernacular

by Hady, September 17, 2016

A Girls Guide To Vaping

cute vape pensType “Best Dab Pen” or “Cute Vape Pens” into a search of your choice and you will see millions of searches claiming to be the best oil vape pen, or even pretty vape pens. Either way not all vape pens work like the vape stores claim, so how do you figure out which vape to go with?

In this website I am giving back to the vape community with a great guide to help you through the process.

Why Not Buy Any Vape Pen Online Or At A Vape Store?

It is so important to not only choose a cute vape pen, but a good quality pen that tastes cute too! To be a completely awesome vape chick like myself it is important to know how to find the best set up with our help. You don't want to look like an idiot sucking on something that looks like some robots dick. Vape with style and confidence. Vape with Ms Vernacular!

Things That Affect Your Vaping Style

Helping you get your vape on!

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  2. Cute and pretty vape pens
  3. The best Ejuice reviews
  4. The best cities for vaping
  5. Best online vape juice stores
  6. Best vaping Internet communities
  7. Rundown of the top vaping vids
  8. Tons of great female related vaping tips and tricks
  9. Vape girl celebrities
  10. The future of vaping

I was a complete newbie when it came to vaping, especially dominated by a male influence in the industry that I was lost. This is my vape story, a comprehensive girls guide to vaping.

Problem – There are to many choices in Vaping that it’s overwhelming.

It is a good thing that you know where to shop for your vape gear and how to buy the best dab pens and vapes. I have been around this stuff for years and have become a self taught pro in the industry.  Over a period of time you will get the hang of it and become more comfortable in the purchasing, and using of vape products, but remember it all starts with a good pen and a good E liquid.

Vaping Styles

Being a gal doesn’t always mean pretty and pink vape pens, but it can be many different things to many different types of women. For instance, I love skulls and cross bones. This always a sure fire way to get my inner vernacular flowing. If you know what I mean. Either style that you want, however is okay by me. It is important to always be your damn cute self.

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